Summit furniture is made of the finest plantation-grown teak available. To keep your Summit furniture looking its best, we suggest the following easy care guidelines:

Natural Teak

Regular Cleaning: Your teak, over time, will turn from its original golden brown color to a silvery gray patina. During this transition period, you may notice a “moiré” effect caused by the oils in the wood coming to the surface and mixing with moisture in the air. This is a normal stage the teak goes through as it starts to weather and can easily be washed off with soapy water. Your teak, as with anything left outdoors, will be subject to airborne impurities such as pollen and dirt. Frequent hosing off of your furniture will help it stay clean and weather evenly. Teak loves water!

Deep Cleaning: Your furniture should receive a more thorough cleaning periodically. Use a medium stiff bristle brush and soapy water or teak cleaner. A gentle powerwash is effective as well.

Sanding: Any roughness or surface abrasions can be removed by light sanding. We recommend 100-400 grit sandpaper.

Teak Sealer Treatment

Semco™ teak sealer inhibits the sun’s ultra-violet rays from “aging” the natural teak wood. The golden brown color of the natural teak can be preserved by periodic reapplication of teak sealer. Summit offers two options, natural sealer which retains the teak color, and coffee, a darker, custom blended stain. The following tips will help keep your teak sealed furniture in prime condition:

Regular Cleaning: Frequent hosing will help keep airborne impurities off your furniture. Stubborn stains may be sponged off with soapy water. Spot re-application of sealer may be required.

Reapplication of Teak Sealer: The teak sealer treatment applied at our warehouse will wear away with time, depending on your particular environment and use. When this happens, clean your furniture thoroughly first, then reapply the teak sealer treatment. One gallon of teak sealer is enough to treat 8-10 pieces of furniture.

To order Semco Teak Products, call (800) 662.0223.

Request sealer color “natural.”

Indoor finishes: Summit teak is not just for outdoors. Our furniture is frequently specified for indoor spaces. For these installations we recommend an indoor finish. We offer the following choices:

  • Clear (satin finish)- preserves the natural teak color
  • Amber (satin finish)- golden stain
  • Cognac (satin finish)- medium dark brown stain

Finish and treatment prices are listed with specifications.

Brass and Stainless Steel Hardware

We recommend using a stainless steel or brass cleaner, as applicable. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions, taking care not to get any of the cleaner on the teak, as it may discolor it.


Cushion cores are constructed with resonated fiber wrap over Dri-fast TM foam. Pillow cores contain cluster fiber with a mildew-resistant ticking cover.

Fabric is C.O.M. (Customer’s Own Material). Summit offers 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics and 100% solution dyed polypropylene fabrics in a variety of colors, styles and patterns. Contact Summit or the nearest representative showroom for prices and additional information.

The combination of Summit’s core construction and solution dyed fabric makes our cushions and pillows ideal for outdoor use. Store your cushions in a dry area when not in use to prolong their life. If your cushions and pillows do get wet, unzip them and stand them on end to facilitate drying.

Please contact your showroom representative with any questions regarding maintenance. With minimal care, your Summit furniture will stay beautiful for many years to come.