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Experience the fusion of Twentieth Century Modern design and the creative vision of California designer Alwy Visschedyk in the exclusive Boomerang Collection by Summit. With a modern yet retro vibe, this collection pays homage to the iconic Australian throwing tool. Boomerang captures the essence of good design, always coming back with a touch of familiarity and a new, playful twist. Crafted from premium plantation-grown teak, each piece showcases Summit’s commitment to sustainability. Marine-grade stainless-steel fittings add a polished finishing touch to this extraordinary collection.

Icons of Design

Alwy Visschedyk

A distinguished member of Summit Furniture’s esteemed team of designers, Alwy Visschedyk enriches the company’s legacy of casual elegance and modern classic design. With a renowned reputation as a creator of functional art, Alwy has crafted unique custom pieces for a prestigious international clientele. He has been at the forefront of pioneering new furniture materials and finishes, including his early exploration of concrete as a medium. In addition to his mastery of woodwork, Alwy holds a special fondness for teak, a defining feature of Summit’s craftsmanship.

Born in Holland, Alwy immigrated to Australia with his family and spent his formative years in the idyllic town of Rockingham, located along the Indian Ocean. The pristine bays and rugged islands surrounding him fostered his deep appreciation for simplicity, nature, and the allure of outdoor spaces. Eventually settling in California, Alwy pursued his studies in painting at the California Institute of the Arts. However, his artistic journey led him towards the three-dimensional realm of sculpture and, ultimately, furniture design. Alwy introduced his initial designs for Summit in 2008, unveiling a portfolio that exemplifies his expansive creative range and rare versatility.

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