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At Summit, each and every piece of furniture is a testament to the artistry and dedication of our exceptional team of craftsmen. With these experienced artisans using new and innovative techniques, we seamlessly blend age-old traditions with cutting-edge manufacturing. This fusion empowers us to achieve a level of excellence that is truly unmatched in the industry.


The foundation of everything Summit.

When it comes to luxury outdoor furniture, we take immense pride in selecting only the most exceptional specimens of teak available. Our quality of teak boasts a tight and even grain, radiant golden tones of wheat and honey, and a remarkable natural resistance to outdoor elements such as insects and moisture. This unparalleled quality is attained by meticulously sourcing from responsibly managed teak plantations, ensuring every piece of furniture remains consistent in appearance, free from knots, discolorations, and imperfection.

Our journey began in 1979, grounded in a profound commitment to sustainability and excellence. This ethos not only drives our choice of teak but also defines our environmentally-conscious production practices, championing responsibility every step of the way.


Every piece, made to meet the most rigorous standards.

At Summit, the artistry behind our teak furniture is more than just manufacturing—it’s a cherished tradition handed down through generations. Our craftsmen, deeply rooted in a rich heritage of woodworking, infuse each piece with teak’s inherent durability and elegance. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the wood, they meticulously hand-carve, join, and polish, ensuring every finished piece surpasses the most rigorous standards.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every detail. At Summit, we don’t merely create furniture; we craft heirloom pieces infused with timeless style and built for enduring quality. Conceived with the foresight of gracing spaces for generations, each piece stands as a testament to our unparalleled craftsmanship. Whether for design professionals or private homeowners, selecting Summit signifies embracing a legacy of excellence, guaranteeing projects that radiate distinction and stand the test of time.


Where precision engineering meets artisan craftsmanship.

At Summit, quality is our top priority. That’s why we choose marine-grade stainless steel for our furniture, guaranteeing unmatched durability. We understand the challenges outdoor settings can present, and we ensure our products are built to last for generations to come.

In addition to style and strength, we also want our furniture to always be comfortable. Our fabrics are woven specifically to withstand outdoor conditions, and our cushions? They’re the best. Thanks to Summit’s unique core construction and the use of solution-dyed fabric, our cushions and pillows are both luxurious and perfect for outdoor use.

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