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Conrad Sanchez

Renowned California designer Conrad Sanchez captivated the design world with his refined and sophisticated approach. Through his extraordinary work for Summit, his visionary designs continue to embody a harmonious fusion of rustic and modern elements. Sanchez’s creations epitomize the essence of outdoor living, exuding freshness and relaxation. The low and loungey profiles of his designs perfectly complement casual and modern lifestyles, reflecting his deep understanding of California’s modern aesthetic.

Conrad Sanchez’s illustrious career spanned 35 years, showcasing his mastery across various disciplines of residential design. Beginning his creative journey at a young age of 15, he pursued his passion for architecture and design with unwavering dedication. Under the mentorship of his father, the esteemed California architect Harvey Sanchez, Conrad honed his skills and garnered acclaim through award-winning designs. His work seamlessly weaves together the influences of mid-century modernism, resulting in a timeless style characterized by clean lines, simple forms, and an innate sense of space, light, color, and setting.

Summit proudly embraces Conrad Sanchez’s signature California sensibility. The exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising quality of Summit beautifully elevate his designs, taking them to new heights of sophistication. Conrad Sanchez’s visionary creations, including the stunning Krios Collection, offer a fresh and stylish interpretation that reflects his unique design perspective.

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