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John Munford

John Munford, a skilled designer, honed his expertise in furniture and interior design at The London College of Furniture. During his studies, he developed a profound fascination for furniture specifically tailored to its environment, particularly foldable and movable designs. Following his education, Munford embarked on a successful and diverse career in architecture and marine design before establishing his own studio in 1979 at Shamrock Quay in Southampton, England.

Munford’s reputation soared on an international scale as he showcased his talents on some of the world’s most illustrious yachts. His portfolio includes renowned vessels such as “J” class racing yachts, large luxury sailing yachts, and classic and modern motor yachts. Each creation bears the unmistakable Munford signature, characterized by a masterful refinement of classic influences that evoke the golden era of yachting. With an extensive knowledge of traditional methods and materials, Munford delivers exquisitely crafted and impeccably finished interiors for new yachts while also being sought after for his expertise in refitting the “old masters.”

In his remarkable Sundeck Collection for Summit, Munford unveils a range of furniture meticulously designed to embody functionality, style and versatility. The Sundeck Collection seamlessly merges practicality with elegance, making it the ideal choice for discerning yacht and home owners. This collection has also gained popularity in the luxury hospitality market due to the sleek designs and extreme comfort.

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