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Nina Campbell

The collaboration between Summit Furniture and renowned British interior designer Nina Campbell introduces a new level of sophistication to outdoor living. With an illustrious career and a global clientele, Nina Campbell is celebrated for her exceptional design expertise and unwavering sense of style.

The Nina Campbell Collection for Summit unveils a range of fabrics that seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor elements, adding elegance and refinement to any outdoor space. Inspired by nature, fashion, and iconic destinations, the collection showcases captivating patterns and evocative colorways, reflecting Campbell’s signature blend of wit and sophistication.

Her fabric, wallpaper, and trimming collections have garnered widespread acclaim. Campbell’s expertise extends beyond interior design, as she has authored several books, sharing her insights and design secrets with a broad audience.

Nina Campbell’s timeless designs appeal to both contemporary and traditional settings, captivating clients of all ages with her brilliant sense of personal style. Her remarkable talent and design credentials have earned numerous awards and accolades, recognizing her significant contributions to the world of design.

The Summit Furniture collaboration with Nina Campbell elevates outdoor living, allowing individuals to create refined and inviting spaces that embody her distinctive style and enhance the beauty and grace of everyday life. The collection stands as a testament to Campbell’s unwavering commitment to design excellence and her pursuit of elegance in all its forms.

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