Loggia Sofa


71-inch-long sofa with a deep bench seat cushion and 3 back cushion pillows.

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The Loggia Collection redefines comfort, featuring deep luxurious cushions and a graceful silhouette designed for ultimate relaxation. Created to seamlessly integrate into a variety of settings, this collection is as timeless as it is versatile.

SKU: LG306

Glyn Peter Machin

Renowned for his extraordinary strong sense of structure and precise craftsmanship, Glyn Peter Machin is a versatile designer whose work spans multiple disciplines.

During the early stages of his career, Glyn embarked on extensive travels across Europe, Asia, and the United States, immersing himself in diverse landscapes, cultures, and architectural marvels. This exposure allowed him to gather a wealth of ideas and inspiration, enabling him to create a highly original body of work that seamlessly combines various sources and styles. His aesthetic is a reflection of his beliefs in simplicity, functionality, and lifestyle. Based in Scandinavia, with its rich seafaring heritage, Glyn’s designs often exhibit a practical sensibility and an economy of line that effortlessly marries functionality with elegance.

As one of the few non-Danish nationals to achieve the MDD working title, Glyn Peter Machin leads his own design studio that specializes in furniture and product design for environments that extend beyond traditional walls. His partnership with Summit in 2003 unleashed a powerful creative process that produced striking contemporary designs.

Driven by a shared passion for designing and developing high-quality products for these unique environments, Glyn’s collaboration with Summit has resulted in remarkable pieces of furniture that exude a distinct contemporary flair. His designs seamlessly merge form and function, embodying a fresh and refined interpretation that epitomizes the evolution of the Summit aesthetic.