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New for Spring 2024, we are thrilled to offer an exceptional collection of Umbrosa umbrellas. Explore this exciting addition of Belgian artistry to Summit’s outdoor design offerings.

Made for both land and maritime environments, the Spectra Cantilever Umbrella is an ideal choice for discerning design professionals and yacht enthusiasts alike. Its unique design not only provides versatile sun protection for garden, poolside, or café terrace settings but also offers unparalleled functionality and elegance on the decks of yachts.

Unique Fan System & Design: The Spectra’s innovative fan system and flat design allow for a horizontal closure, making it a stylish and practical choice for any outdoor or yacht setting.

Wind-Resistant Durability: Engineered to stand strong against the wind, making it perfect for both serene backyards and the dynamic conditions at sea. 360° Rotatable

Spigot: Offers comprehensive shade coverage with easy adjustment, ideal for the constantly changing environment aboard a yacht or in an outdoor living space.

Offered in a variety of colors and fabrics.


Umbrosa, hailing from the heart of Belgium, is a testament to the fusion of exceptional craftsmanship and sustainable luxury in the realm of outdoor umbrellas. With a heritage steeped in design innovation, this esteemed company stands out for its in-depth approach to creating not just umbrellas but pieces of art that redefine outdoor spaces. At the core of Umbrosa’s philosophy lies a profound commitment to environmental stewardship and aesthetic excellence, making every product a reflection of ethical luxury and design superiority. The company’s journey is marked by a dedication to in-house design and meticulous assembly, ensuring each umbrella is a unique blend of functionality and visual appeal. Umbrosa’s commitment to sustainability is manifest in its choice of materials and manufacturing processes, aligning with the growing demand for products that honor the earth. The essence of Belgian design—known for its sophistication and innovation—is evident in every Umbrosa piece, contributing to the brand’s global recognition as a leader in the outdoor living industry.